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Energy Management & Efficiency

Renewable Energy Lesson Plan - What's the Cheapest Watt? - SolarWise

Students survey an electrical appliance at home in What’s The Cheapest Watt?  Pooling class data, they then consider energy management decisions.  In the end, they determine the cheapest Watt—the one that costs the least, preserves the most natural resources, and saves the most environmental pollution — is the Watt they never use.

Renewable Energy Lesson Plan - Renewable Energy Lesson Plan - It Pays to Save in Your Home - SolarWise

In this lesson, students learn that It Pays to Save in Your Home.  Students consider many common, potential energy saving situations in a home, research questions surrounding them, and report on their findings. Students learn which energy saving measures should always be applied first.  They also learn that saving energy always comes before applying renewable energy technologies.

Renewable Energy Lesson Plan - Building a Passive Solar Home - SolarWise

In Building A Passive Solar Home, students design and build a home to take advantage of its natural surroundings and manage its environmental disadvantages. They learn about the concept of a home energy load profile.  Students learn how seasonal changes, architecture, and landscaping can be used in the design of a home with a low energy load profile.

Commercial Building Energy Systems - by Smart Start

Take your students on a field trip through places in your school they never see.  Show students how energy systems are used to deliver and efficiently manage comfort in a building like yours in Commercial Building Energy Systems.

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