CREATE’s collection of Renewable Energy Education presentations were written by CREATE personnel to help educators enhance the Renewable Energy Education programs at their institutions. These presentations were presented at colleges and conferences to Renewable Energy educators. This content is available to the public.

K. Walz. Madison Area Technical College. August 31, 2022.

K. Walz, S. Conzemius, E. Barlas, L. Williams Jr. Forward in Energy Forum: Clean Energy, Jobs and Economic Recovery. Wisconsin Energy Institute. March 23, 2021.

K.A. Walz. Enlightened Education: Solar Engineering Design to Energize School Facilities. Presentation for the Energy Conversion and Conservation Division. ASEE Annual Conference (2020)

Dr. Kathleen Alfano, College of the Canyons: A Successful Mentoring Approach for Encouraging New NSF Proposal Submissions from Community Colleges. ASEE’s Virtual Conference. June 22 – 26, 2020.

J. Brinker, S. Liddicoat, and K. Walz.  The German Energy Transition: Observations from Abroad and a Look to the Future. Midwest Renewable Energy Fair.  June 21, 2019.

K. Walz. Creating a Solar Roadmap for your School.  Midwest Renewable Energy Fair.  June 21, 2019.

K. Walz, CREATE Solar Institutes: Integrating Solar Energy Technology with Traditional STEM Curriculum. Hi Tech Conference, July 20, 2017. Salt Lake City, UT.

K. Walz, Determining the Power Output of a Dye Sensitized Solar Cell. Great Lakes BioEnergy Research Center.  Energy Institute for Educators. University of Wisconsin. July 21, 2017.

K.Walz, A. Scholes, J. Schwarzmeier, A. Dobbs, B. Hammet, M. Yunes, and L. Lung.  Enhancing STEM education through Project Based Learning and Research. Presentation at the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education PI Conference, October, 2017.

K. Walz, Technician Education and the Center for Renewable Energy Advanced Technological Education. Innovations Conference, March 14, 2017. San Francisco, CA. 

K. Walz, R. Ebbage, T. Wanek, and M. Barger.  Community Colleges for International Development. AAAS Community College Forum. Thurs, Feb 11, 2016. Washington, DCK WALZ INTERNATIONAL RE PRESENTATION AAAS COMMUINITY COLLEGE FORUM, WASINGTON DC.

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