This Webinar is Complete As we globally strive to achieve a carbon emission reduction, decarbonization is a term that appears often.  This webinar is design to review and deliver a hands-on activity about ways to decarbonize.  This activity is designed to have the students understand there are ways to use energy that will lessen the … Continue Reading

Event Detail Apprenticeships are a time-tested and powerful tool for workforce development. Registered apprenticeships can support companies in meeting their needs for a trained workforce while opening doors to new career pathways for individuals from historically excluded groups. Embedding DEIA into Registered Apprenticeship programs can be a powerful strategy for solar and storage companies. Companies … Continue Reading

This Webinar is Now Complete Please join us for Two Lessons in Alternative Energy.  In the first lesson students will each play a role as scientists, engineers, advertising agents and consultants for their company in an effort to convince the community that their source of alternative energy is the best.  In the second lesson students … Continue Reading

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a new $24 million funding opportunity for workforce training programs with a focus on training in clean energy jobs that do not require a four-degree. This funding, from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, will further expand the existing Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC) network to include more union training programs, community … Continue Reading

This Webinar is Complete In this webinar, a student project is presented in which undergraduate Mechatronics students conducted a scientific research to solve a common everyday problem, and designed and built a system for that purpose.  The goal of the project is to seek to solve the issue of the heat in parked vehicles in … Continue Reading

This Webinar is Complete Please join us for this webinar to learn about a lesson co-created by STEM educators in NC that invites students to examine how current and future energy sources and systems impact people and communities. This collaborative lesson introduces students to the concept of energy justice by fostering learning about how energy … Continue Reading

This Webinar is Complete! Don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar, where we delve into the vital role of energy education in today’s climate-challenged world, especially focusing on engaging the next generation early on! Join us as we explore the transformative impact of the Academy of Green Technology program, revolutionizing education through the integration of … Continue Reading

By: Giles Parkinson As Australia’s federal Coalition and the Murdoch media intensify their calls for nuclear to replace the country’s ageing coal fired generators, thereby ensuring that the switch to renewables is halted and climate action delayed, it is worth reminding ourselves exactly how quickly wind and solar can do the job. As RenewEconomy has … Continue Reading

By: Javier Colato and Lindsey Ice Ready to charge into the future? The market for electric vehicles (EVs) has grown rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue to grow at a fast pace over the coming decade. Electric car sales in the United States increased from a mere 0.2 percent of total car … Continue Reading

Member states of the EU will need to deploy solar installations in public and non-residential buildings. Image: Enpal. By: Simon Yuen The European Parliament has approved a law requiring member states to deploy solar installations on buildings and renovate them to improve their energy efficiency. The proposed revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive … Continue Reading