April 26, 2024 – Two Alternative Energy Activities for Your Classroom!

Energy Lesson lab supplies - fan, remote, lightbulb & panel.

This Webinar is Now Complete

Please join us for Two Lessons in Alternative Energy.  In the first lesson students will each play a role as scientists, engineers, advertising agents and consultants for their company in an effort to convince the community that their source of alternative energy is the best.  In the second lesson students will design and test blade shapes for a wind turbine, analyze data on wind capacity, experiment with a lux meter, determine the environmental impact of solar panels based on geography, and adjust parameters to change the effectiveness of solar panels.

 This webinar is part of our Innovation series and runs approximately 30 minutes.

Presenter: Greg Hogan, Middle School Science Instructor

** The recording of this webinar can be difficult to hear in some parts. The lessons are available for download and will help with the parts that are missed.

  • Energy Resource Reflection Google Form (PDF)
  • Energy Resources Activity (Microsoft Word)
  • Alternative Energy Exploration Google Form (PDF)
  • Alternative Energy Presentation (Microsoft Word)

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