May 8, 2024 – Decarbonization of Domestic Hot Water Generation Lab

Students working on decarbonization lab.

This Webinar is Complete

As we globally strive to achieve a carbon emission reduction, decarbonization is a term that appears often.  This webinar is design to review and deliver a hands-on activity about ways to decarbonize.  This activity is designed to have the students understand there are ways to use energy that will lessen the impact to the environment. 

Hot water generation is a very common event.  In our society, hot water is used to wash, clean, bathing and for the most part the impact to the environment is not a consideration.  Every major home and business have a means to heat water.  So, if we could change the way hot water is heated in this building sector, the results of reducing carbon emissions to the overall environment would be very large.

This webinar is part of our Innovation series and runs approximately 30 minutes.

Presenter: James Horst, PE, LeedAP, CEM, CxA, GBE – Delaware Technical College Faculty

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