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Working to Advance Energy Technology Educational Programs


Fulfilling the demand for skilled professionals in the Energy field

The energy industry has a large and rapidly growing need for a skilled technical workforce, and this presents a current and future challenge for the two-year college community.

Our organization focuses on addressing the needs of energy faculty and programs nationwide while building the capacity for U.S. industry to compete in…

Group of young Architect engineers planning in solar cell, wind turbine and blueprints


CREATE’s goal is to advance the Energy field by championing exemplary Energy education programs


✓ Faculty Workshops
✓ Instructional Materials
✓ Energy Career Resources

✓ Program & Curricular Development
✓ Industry Partnerships
✓ And More…


Resources for teaching clean energy at the community college or high school level

Our Renewable Energy lessons are designed for community college, technical college, and high school use.

Teaching Materials

Career Resources

Solar Tool Kit

Teaching materials include instructor guides, student handouts, answer…

Get information on careers in Clean & Renewable Energy field.

Access resources to install solar at your own educational institution.

Two electrical engineers working with electronic circuit board and solar cells
Solar panel with tools


CREATE is improving women-in-energy jobs

Women represent nearly half of the US workforce, yet
they are less than one-third of the clean energy sector.

Clean energy jobs are expected to grow 51% in the next several years. CREATE is improving women-in-energy jobs by developing tools for faculty to recruit women into energy
programs at your schools.

Click below to learn more about CREATE’s Women in
Energy initiative.


Looking to advance energy education at your college?

CREATE has compiled Program Profiles that detail Renewable & Clean Energy education programs at community colleges across the U.S. These successful Energy programs can be used as models for other schools.

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