Examining the Integration of Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Technology

Please join CREATE and Joseph Arthur & James Auld from NextEra Energy, Friday, April 30th, at 11:00AM PST

Energy storage units

Electricity from new wind and solar power plants is now less expensive than operating an existing coal or nuclear facility but are intermittent resources. To be able to move our energy infrastructure away from fossil fuels, energy storage is an essential technology. Electric vehicle production is driving the growth of the lithium battery market and bringing down prices for energy storage with it. It is now economical to combine batteries with renewable generation facilities to reduce the variability of output. As a result, the market for battery energy storage is expected to grow by more than $20 Billion in the next five years, with a proportional growth in job opportunities to maintain and operate these assets.

In this webinar we will hear from NextEra Energy’s Technical Services Manager for Energy Storage, Joe Arthur, P.E.  NextEra Energy is the largest owner/operator of Wind, Solar, and Energy Storage in the U.S. Joe is responsible for engineering support for NextEra’s fleet of Energy Storage facilities across the U.S and Canada. This webinar will cover the basics of energy storage technology, how it integrates with renewable generation, and what skills will be needed for the future jobs associated with this growing field.

Please join us Friday, April 30th for this free webinar.

To register for the webinar, email Gabrielle Temple at: gabrielle.temple@canyons.edu

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