Simplified Energy Modeling Tool for Your Classroom: Webinar Friday, April 15 at 9AM PST/11AM CST/12PM EST

Example of Sketchbox modeling tool

Join us to learn about a free new tool that can teach students how to build an energy model and analyze impacts of energy efficiency technologies in buildings.

Sketchbox is a cloud-based modeling tool that enables simplified energy analysis of new construction and renovations. The platform, which is based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s DOE-2 software, is suitable for all levels of technical expertise, providing a user-friendly introduction to whole-building energy modeling.

Slipstream, a mission-driven nonprofit organization, headquartered in Madison, WI, recently launched the tool and is in the process of developing lessons for high schools and colleges, and would like to share the tool with CREATE. Please join us for an interactive demo of the tool and for the opportunity to provide feedback. You’ll also be offered access to Sketchbox at no cost. Jenny Brinker, energy management instructor, at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College will also join to share how she will be integrating the tool in her class this spring.PresentersSaranya Gunasingh, Senior Energy Engineer, Slipstream & Jenny Brinker, Energy Management Instructor, Northeast Wisconsin Technical CollegeWhen: Friday, April 15 at 9AM PST/11AM CST/12PM ESTTo Register for this FREE webinar email Gabrielle Temple at:

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