Tunxis Community College Program Profile

Program Name: Energy Management (Technology Studies)

Information Updated December 2020

*Demographic Update Pending

Mathew Spinelli, Program Director: STEAM




Dr. Asheka Rahman Ph.D., PE

Full-Time Lecturer – Engineering Science

Engineering/Technology Studies Program Coordinator



Tunxis Community College, Farmington, CT 06032

Program Data

Date Program Started

Fall 2016

Geographic Area of Students

Greater Harford, CT Area

# of Students in Program

15 as of Spring 2018

# of Faculty Members Teaching Energy

Tunxis has (4) PT faculty that instruct in the program.


Gender: Male 87%, Female 13%

Ethnicity: Caucasian 88%, African American 6%, Hispanic 6%

Veterans: Unknown

Program Overview

Delivery Mode(s)

Face-To-Face & Online

Course Duration

Semester Schedule (15 weeks each course)

Introductory Course Name

Introduction to Energy Management

# of Credits

Total Credits for the AS Degree: 64
Total Credits for the Certificate: 16 – 17
Avg. Credits/Course: 3

Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates Offered

Applied Associate Degree: Energy Management

Certificate: Energy Management (Focus/Specialize: Lighting Fundamentals & Applications or Commercial
HVAC Systems & Analysis)

Questions & Answers

We utilize the campus as a living laboratory. We coordinate our access to mechanical rooms and other facilities for student learning with our Facilities Department.

We have conducted a job market assessment and continually update those findings with help from our Board of Advisors. Over 34,000 people are employed in some form of energy efficiency work in Connecticut. The labor market is very strong, the need for energy analysts in the commercial sector is
strong, and the Department of Labor projects a “Bright Outlook” for these jobs.

We are still very much in the infancy of our program, but our best assets include our strong professors, our dedicated students, our central location in the state, our generous funding source, and we are the only community college with a program focused on energy management in the state.

Currently, we have a robust Advisory Board consisting of around 20 members from state and local agencies that help guide the program and provide feedback to our personnel. Our faculty are respected as industry leaders. We have the major utilities represented on our Board, and a major state agency is our key-funder.

No, an internship is not a required component.

Tunxis Community College Energy Management Facilities
Ed Baker, MS Facilities Management, MBA, Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant at Eversource Energy
Mike Sahm, PH.D., LEED AP BD+C, Consulting Mechanical Engineer
Justin Marmaras, MS Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Energy Advisor at Leidos
Ron Galati, NCQLP LC, Energy Projects Manager, Lighting Affiliates

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