Online Building Energy Modeling Workshop Sketchbox as a Teaching Tool – July 20, 2023

Sketchbox modeling tool

Join guest facilitator Jim Reichling, in collaboration with Slipstream, to explore how students can build an energy model and analyze impacts of energy efficiency technologies in buildings. This workshop introduces Sketchbox, a free building energy modeling tool developed by Slipstream.  Sketchbox is available at no cost to schools, can run from a Chromebook, and uses a web interface so no downloads are needed. The platform is ideal for student exploration of building science and various careers including architecture, engineering, sustainability, building operations, facility management and more. 

Workshop content is relevant for those teaching courses in construction, HVAC, sustainability, math, science, physics or computer science at the high school level. Lessons provided include: model inputs and reports, a guide to working with building energy codes, and a building setpoints and controls lesson. Lessons of various lengths will be made available through the workshop and connections to the DPI Energy Pathway will be highlighted. In addition, Slipstream modelers and engineers will join the workshop for one of the day’s sessions to address questions and insights from participating educators.

This course is free.

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