Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Program Profile

Program Name: Energy Management Technology

Information Updated August 2018

Jenny Brinker, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Energy Efficiency program lead faculty member

Lead Faculty

Jenny Brinker is the lead faculty for the Energy Management Technology Program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Program Information

Date Program Started


Geographic Area of Students

Most students come from Northeast Wisconsin. The program has attracted international students too, as we usually have one or two international students each year.

# of Students in Program


# of Faculty Members Teaching Energy

2 Full-Time


Gender: Male 67%, Female 33%

Ethnicity: Caucasian 83%, African American 8%, Hispanic 0%, Other 8%

Veterans: Unknown

Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates Offered

Associate Degree: Energy Management Technology, Solar Energy Technology

Technical Diploma: Energy Management Technology, Solar Energy Technology

Introductory Course Information

Course Name

Introduction to Energy Management

Delivery Mode(s)

As of fall 2018, this is a face-to-face course. Many of NWTC’s Energy Management programs are slated to become blended courses (a mix of online
and face-to-face).

Course Duration


# of Credits

3 Credits

Questions & Answers

30,000 square foot building used as a living lab. Access to building automation equipment. Studentinstalled solar each semester. Over 80 kW of solar installed on campus as of fall 2018. Building automation is used to teach students on optimizing building controls for efficiency.

A job market assessment is done informally each semester as part of our advisory committee meetings. Each advisory board member reports on job opportunities. There have been about 10-12 job opportunities in Northeast Wisconsin each year, and those companies with a national presence report an abundance of energy management jobs across the country.

Student-driven projects. Each semester we partner with local non-profits to conduct energy assessments such as lighting technology modeling, building automation specifying, and energy audits.

Our advisory committee is made up of a dozen industry professionals who work for utility, energy control, energy consulting and building automation companies. We meet each semester (twice per year).

Internships are not a formal part of the program, but several students have independently secured internships with local employers.

Like Madison College and Heartland Community college, our program includes a Study Abroad opportunity for learning about sustainability practices in Belize. In January 2018 our Study Abroad group conducted energy audits at a Junior College and Community Center, and also inspected an abandoned Solar Photovoltaic system to troubleshoot its operation.

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