Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Alumni Interview

Michael Leone, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Energy Efficiency program lumni

Michael Leone

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Alumni from the Energy Management Program

On A Mission

Since graduating from the Energy Management Program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Michael Leone’s been a man on a mission for the renewables industry.

Leone says his interest in renewable energy was piqued after realizing there were multiple inefficiencies that come with producing energy in the modern world, and that CO2 emissions could be reduced by switching to renewables.

Path To Energy Policy Advising

From there, it wasn’t hard to decide to get his associate’s degree from the program at NWTC. He says that as a student, the program gave him hands-on experience through performing comprehensive data analysis, energy audits for non-profits, and touring renewable energy facilities.

But one particular class trip to a wind farm changed it all. Looking at the scale of wind turbines and how they generate electricity sparked his fascination with policy for metering and how utilities go about pricing their services. It wasn’t long before he took a leap of faith and moved to Washington with the goal of moving into energy policy advising.

An Eye For Efficiency

“Every time I walk into a building, I’m always looking at their lighting and trying to determine if they have efficiency strategies in place”, says Leone. “Once you’re trained with an eye for efficiency, it’s all you ever want to look at. It’s really helped to shape my view of the world overall.”