Iowa Lakes Community College Alumna Interview

Jessie Moffitt, Iowa Lakes Community College alumni from the Wind Energy program

Jessie Moffitt

Iowa Lakes Community College Alumni from the Sustainable Energy Resources & Technologies Program

Life As A Wind Technician

Since graduating from the Sustainable Energy Resources and Technologies program at Iowa Lakes Community College , Jessie Moffitt’s been crushing her job as a wind technician with Siemens. “I get to work outside, and I like climbing around like a monkey,” she jokes. “I like to work with my hands. I like problem solving.”

How It Began

It’s pretty clear to see now that renewables are a great fit for Jessie, but she didn’t always know she wanted to enter the industry. It wasn’t until she was about to graduate from a different college that she happened to hear Dan Lutat talking about the program on NPR and decided to explore it.

“He was talking about wind energy and wind technicians, and I’d never heard of that as a job. He started talking about how they’re looking for people with a strong background in mathematics and physics, which I had,” she says. “The more he explained about their program and the job itself, the more excited I got.”

Jessie says that excitement only grew the more she researched the program. Pretty soon, she was Iowa Lakes CC’s newest student.

A Positive Experience

“The teachers are really great there. They really do care about their students. They put in a lot of effort to help you understand what you’re doing. They all knew what they were talking about too. They’d all been in the field.”

Jessie might’ve been lucky to catch Dan Lutat’s interview on NPR, but it’s pretty safe to say that the industry is lucky to have Jessie.