Columbia Gorge Community College Alumni Interview

Mark Parsons

Columbia Gorge Community College Alumni from the Electro-Mechanical Technology Program

The Beginning

There’s much more to the field of renewable energy than you might think at first. Take Mark Parsons, for example.

It all started at Columbia Gorge Community College‘s Electro-Mechanical Technology Program. The hands-on experience helped him overcome the fear of heights he says he didn’t know he had. Standing at the top of a 300-foot wind turbine can be a little nerve wracking, after all!

Lots Of Opportunities

Although Mark started his education and career in renewable energy, after nine years of working on wind turbines, he transitioned to the field of energy storage. So if the power goes out at his company, but nevertheless the servers stay up and data is preserved by the back-up generators, they have Mark to thank for that. And the need for energy storage is growing rapidly – two years ago, the company had 9 data centers, and they are now about to move into their 21st facility.

A Fun Job!

“It’s a fun job. I work with all types of different people. We all work together. It’s nice working with all these different people from all backgrounds and trades and getting the job done.”