Clackamas Community College Faculty Interview

Abe Fouhy, Clackamus Community College lead faculty for the Renewable Energy Technology program

Abe Fouhy

Clackamas Community College Faculty Member in the Renewable Energy Technology Program


Abe Fouhy got his start in renewables earlier than most. At the young age of 17, Abe made it his goal to build a car that ran only on water. Dreaming up a car that could sustain itself without gasoline put Abe on the path to pursue a career in renewable energy. He started a nonprofit in the field that he would champion for 17 years and build a variety of hydrogen technologies, including converting cars to run on hydrogen like you would Compressed Natural Gas.


Fouhy has been teaching in the Renewable Energy Technology program at Clackamas Community College for 10 years now, and he strives to produce skilled graduates ready to take on work in the field. Furthermore, he wants the renewable energy program to bring different people with all kinds of backgrounds together. In other words, he wants to produce skilled graduates who can work together, even if they don’t necessarily agree with each other.

Fouhy is also passionate about helping his students use the skills they learn for good causes. He hopes to add a new initiative called “Empowering For Good” to the curriculum, where students use their knowledge to help Habitat for Humanity build homeless shelters, conduct energy audits, and more.

Words of Wisdom

This is all in true to form for Fouhy, who says that, “the most rewarding part of the job is being able to change student lives and help make the world a better place.”