Gender Inequity in Energy – The Impact of Role Models

Please join CREATE and Erin Twamley & Joshua Sneideman from STEM Superheros, Thursday, April 29th, at 11:00AM PST

What is Powering the Plant?

The gender inequity in energy jobs from the office to the field still exists. How do we attract and retain women in energy jobs? We start by sharing the diverse range of energy careers and role models with girls
In this webinar award winning authors and educators, Erin Twamley and Joshua Sneideman, will share their research on the power of sharing diverse role models, resources to find diverse role models in energy and the impact this has on the ability for educators and the workforce to attract girls and women into energy careers. From research on role models to understanding the breadth of energy careers (not all require PhD or work in the field) to sharing the strategies they use as authors, you will discover how we can integrate energy and gender equity into the STEM narrative. 

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Please join us Thursday, April 29th at 11AM PST for this free webinar.

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