Why Bryan Adams’s P.E.I. Concert was a Step Forward for Solar Power

Bryan Adams's P.E.I. concert was a step forward for solar power

The nighttime concert in Summerside, P.E.I., was run entirely on energy from the sun.

When Bryan Adams opened his North American tour on P.E.I. on Aug. 31, people behind the scenes were attempting another first that he didn’t know about.

The concert was being held in Summerside, and the small city’s electrical utility was trying to make the concert the first evening concert in North America to be entirely solar-powered.

BluWave-ai, the company whose software powers Summerside’s smart grid, came up with the idea.

The plan involved adjustments to the grid that required the city’s permission — and Summerside’s director of economic development said the city jumped at the opportunity.

“To showcase our capabilities as a leading North American municipality, we decided to deliver a 100-per-cent green solar energy concert experience at our arena,” Mike Thususka told CBC News.

The city has a large solar farm adjacent to Credit Union Place, the arena where the concert was being held. Since the show was at night, that meant all systems would have to run off battery power from energy that had been collected during the day.

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