Solar for all Schools in Pennsylvania

Powering a brighter future in Pennsylvania - report

Generation 180 recently launched a new campaign to help Pennsylvania schools access the benefits of solar. Today, we are thrilled to share with you our new report, Powering a Brighter Future In Pennsylvania, about solar adoption by K-12 schools in the state. One key finding is that solar has doubled in Pennsylvania’s K-12 schools since 2020 – representing a huge win for parents, advocates, and most of all – students.

Our report includes a comprehensive study on solar at K-12 schools statewide; it includes the latest data on schools and districts with solar, methods of financing, case studies of recent solar school projects, and more.

The amount of solar at Pennsylvania schools doubled in the last 2 years.

Headline findings include:

  • Both the number of K-12 schools that have embraced solar power and the total installed solar capacity at schools grew by more than 2.5x since 2018,
  • 2% of schools (108 total) and 8% of school districts (38 total) have gone solar, and
  • 5% of K-12 students (nearly 90,000) attend a school with solar.

Read the report to find benefits for Pennsylvania schools, a list of the top school districts for solar, solar success stories, and more.

Know a school that wants to go solar? We offer free technical assistance to help schools obtain a free, installer-neutral quote for solar.

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