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Toolkit Released Today Guides Regulators, Utilities in Improving Storage Interconnection

Energy storage has a unique and pivotal role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy because it can help the electric grid accommodate more renewable energy. However, a number of barriers currently impede the process of connecting energy storage systems to the distribution grid. A new suite of actionable recommendations for regulators and utilities, launched today by IREC and industry-leading partners, aims to change that.Based on over a year of research, the new Toolkit and Guidance for the Interconnection of Energy Storage and Solar-Plus-Storage (the “BATRIES Toolkit”) provides vetted, consensus-based solutions to eight regulatory and technical barriers to the interconnection of energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems to the distribution grid. It also includes model language that utility regulators can use to update state interconnection rules to reduce the costs and time to safely interconnect energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems. By modernizing the rules that govern the interconnection of energy storage systems, regulators and utilities can enable significantly more renewable energy on the distribution grid—in some cases as much as double the capacity,” said Larry Sherwood, IREC President and CEO.

Toolki & Guidance for the Interconnection of Energy Storage & Solar-Plus-Storage

Explore the BATRIES Toolkit at or sign up for an informational webinar on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 from noon-1pm Eastern Time.

*This webinar has already taken place.*

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