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Have you visited IREC’s Clean Energy Resources & Training recently? We have some exciting updates to share, including an upcoming webinar on energy storage systems, new courses for code officials and installers, and a video celebrating Building Safety Month!


What do authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) need to know to approve residential and small commercial energy storage systems? Join the webinar on Thursday, May 19, facilitated by IREC and Phil Oakes from the National Association of Fire Marshals. The webinar will feature a discussion between Brad Fox, assistant fire marshal for the Santa Clara County Fire Department in California, and Matt Paiss, technical advisor at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, on energy storage system safety, improvements to the International Fire Code/NFPA 855, and how product standards and testing allow for safer installation of energy storage systems.


Code officials can now use the SolarAPP+ inspection checklist to perform an efficient and effective inspection of solar PV systems with solar plus energy storage permitted through SolarAPP+. In Inspecting a SolarAPP+ System, code officials learn how to use SolarAPP+ and the platform’s approval documents. A second course, Inspecting a SolarAPP+ System: PV & Energy Storage, highlights sections of the checklist that are specific to energy storage components for five common use cases with Tesla PowerWalls, LG Chem, and Enphase Enpower systems.


In these two courses for installers, learn how to accurately input rooftop residential solar projects into the SolarAPP+ tool and have permits for code compliant systems issued in minutes. How to Use SolarAPP+ For Rooftop Solar Projects provides training for installers about how to input project specifications for four different inverter technologies. In How to Use SolarAPP+ for Solar and Storage Projects, installers learn about the energy storage component and system related questions. 

The SolarAPP+ project was created with grant funding from the Department of Energy (DOE) and is managed collaboratively by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and UL with oversight provided by the SolarAPP+ Foundation.


We’re celebrating Building Safety Month, a worldwide campaign presented by the International Code Council, its members, and partners to promote building safety. This year’s campaign, “Safety for All: Building Codes in Action,” raises awareness about the importance of building codes in ensuring safety in the spaces in which we live, work and learn. Check out the video IREC created with the ICC Sustainability Membership Council highlighting the educational resources available on Clean Energy Clearinghouse

About IREC: The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) builds the foundation for rapid adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency, toward a 100% clean energy future that is reliable, resilient, and equitable. IREC is an independent not-for-profit organization leading transformational work since 1982.

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