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Emily St. Clair, Delaware Technical College Alumni



Don't be surprised when you see Emily St. Clair making waves in the renewable energy industry. At the rate she's going, it will probably be soon too.


She's been working at the Delaware Department of National Resources and Environmental Control, Division of Energy and Climate, as an energy planner for the past two years. She also manages $19 million annually in grant money, and was the first to promulgate the first Energy Efficiency Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification regulations in the state.


St. Clair’s journey started when a counselor recommended she observe a class in Delaware Technical College's renewable energy program. At the time, she was 22 weeks pregnant.


St Clair ended up registering for the program the next day, and she has never looked back. During her time in college, she completed three internships, was offered a full-time job, had her baby, and obtained two degrees: The first in renewable energy with a concentration in solar, and the second in energy management.


"I think that my favorite thing about Delaware Tech was the class sizes. Students actually had one on one conversations with their teachers, and the instructors were able to deliver personalized instruction. I think that was one of the most valuable things," she says.  "As a result, students were able to more quickly grasp a fundamental knowledge of the energy field right from the very beginning."


It's that very fundamental knowledge that she uses every day at work. Now, St. Clair is aiming to one day be the director of her division.


"Delaware is a small enough state where I truly believe that one person can make a difference. That's why I wanted to work for the state, so I can drive the policy and the regulations that shape energy," says St. Clair.  "The policy in Delaware happens right here where I sit. That's why I came here — to be a part of that."






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